Ikebana Kenzan Wholesale for Your Business

Give you or your customers the best flower arrangement experience possible with the ikebana kenzan by SmileTools. We provide a one-stop flower arrangement solution and a range of containers & tools for all flower arrangements.

Steel Kenzan​

The main advantage of the steel kenzan is its durability. Ideal for larger and heavier arrangements as it supports the weight of the flowers more effectively.

Plastic Kenzan​

Plastic Kenzan is affordable, lightweight, and easy to operate, it is good for small and light arrangements. However, the variety of styles is relatively limited.


Kenzan Accessories include fixing tool, kenzan cleaning brush, flower holder tape, thorn pliers, flower cage, iron wire and other floral arrangement auxiliary tools.

Purchase Ikebana Kenzan from China to Save Cost​

We promise to give our customers value for their money. Our kenzan comes at wholesale prices, saving you money while enjoying the benefits of great flower arrangements.

All kenzans are available at wholesale prices. We have our own factory and source materials locally, which effectively reduces production costs.

We offer very low minimum order quantities (MOQ), it is a great solution for those with limited funds or warehouse space.

Fast Delivery, with standard models delivered within 7-15 days. For large orders or customized products, delivery usually takes around 20 days. We can quickly respond to your urgent needs.

purchase kenzan from china

Why Work with SmileTools for Your Ikebana?

We can help you design and produce high-quality products that will increase your sales and grow your business. Contact us today to bring your ikebana accessories business to the next level.

What Our Customers Say About Us

We’ve served hundreds of satisfied customers. Here are some of their reviews.

I recently purchased kenzan from SmileTools and I am extremely impressed with the quality of the product. The needles are sharp and durable, making it easy to arrange flowers. The company's cooperation was also outstanding. The team was friendly and helpful throughout the entire process. I highly recommend this supplier for all your floral needs.
clients1 sofia andersson
Sofia Andersson
I have been using SmileTools' kenzan for my floral arrangements for several years now and I have never been disappointed. The product is of exceptional quality and the needles are easy to clean and maintain. The company's customer service is also top-notch. They are always willing to go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.
clients3 william johnson
Benjamin Lee
I recently ordered kenzan from SmileTools for a wedding I was planning and I have to say, I was blown away by the quality of the product. The needles held the flowers in place perfectly and the arrangement looked stunning. The company's cooperation was also exceptional. They were prompt with their responses and made the ordering process a breeze. I will definitely be using SmileTools for all my future floral needs.
clients2 benjamin lee
William Johnson
United States

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the commonly asked questions about our services. While understanding that every order is unique, the information provides general guidelines and information about Ikebana Kenzan.

Yes, we offer samples with multiple specifications, allowing you to confirm that your requirements are met.

We offer transportation by air, sea, or rail, with the chosen method affecting the product’s time and cost. For faster delivery, we recommend air transportation.

Production typically takes 1-2 weeks depending on the order size. Once your order is confirmed, production will begin immediately.

Unfortunately, we require payment before production. Once payment is received, your order will be confirmed for production. Please use the provided payment method for processing.

Please contact us via email or fill out the “Request Quotation” form on our website. Once we receive information about the solution you need, we will provide a quote for you asap.

Please send your work in a vector format that can be edited in Adobe Illustrator. We accept files in PDF or AI format.

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns for products that do not meet your needs. We recommend requesting samples before placing your final order to ensure that you only pay for what suits your requirements.

We allow customers to order the quantity they like. However, please note that you can save money by ordering more products. Please feel free to request a quote through our website.

Flower Arrangement Solution Resources

What is ikebana art?

Ikebana Art is a Japanese practice of floral arrangement blending beauty and balance, weaving a unique story through nature’s language.

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6 Steps of the Purchase Order Process

With just six steps, you will get the best solution for your flower arrangement.

1. Get a Quote

First, get a quotation from our team. We'll give you a price for the steel kenzan that fits your needs and preferences.

2. Request Sample

Secondly, after you receive our quotation, you can request samples. We will send you samples of the Steel Sword Mountain that you have chosen.

3. Place Your Order

Once you receive and confirm the sample, it's time to place an order! We will reach out to you to confirm your order and answer any questions you may have.

4. Start Production

Once we receive payment for your order, we begin production. Please use the method provided to process your payment when requesting a quote.

5. Quality Inspection

After production is completed, our quality assurance team performs a cross-check of all products prior to shipment to ensure they meet all of your expectations.

6. Shipping

Shipping is done using the method you have chosen. If you require expedited shipping, please notify our sales team in advance.

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