The Introduction of Kenzan

what is kenzan h

1. What is Kenzan?
Kenzan is on a high-density alloy base, with copper nails pointed upward arranged regularly at a certain distance. In appearance, the nails are shining with gold and the base is shining with silver, thus forming a regular sword hill.

2. The origin of Kenzan
Shen sanbai of the qing dynasty wrote in his book “six records of floating life”: “if a bowl is washed, use bleached green pine, fragrant yu skin and oil, boil rice ash, harvest glue, push up the nail with copper plates, burn the paste and stick the copper plates in the bowl and basin. When it is cold, tie the flowers with wire and stick them in the nails….”This is the fixed tool for Oriental flower arrangement — the predecessor of” Kenzan “.

3. The classification of Kenzan
3.1 Classification by shape

Round, square and rectangle are common styles. Semicircle, diamond relatively less; The seven swords mountain and the oval sword mountain are more rare, and the users are very few.

3.2 Classification by specifications

Common have big, medium, small outside 3 kinds of specification, still have extra small model and mini model, the smallest has the size of copper coin only.

3.3 Classification by material

Copper, lead and stainless steel are the most common materials of Kenzan. There are also some parts of Kenzan with lead as the base and copper needle on the top, or with low fusion gold as the base to ensure the weight of Kenzan and stainless steel needle on the top. In addition, the bottom of some Kenzan is wrapped with rubber inlaid strip, which is to increase the stability of Kenzan, make it not easy to slide, and protect the flower implement from wear.

4. The features of Kenzan
4.1 High weight and small volume

Kenzan can make the base of flower arrangement as small and invisible, so as to highlight the theme of flowers.

4.2 Strong stability

The whole flower arrangement is not easy to tip over due to its low center of gravity. Therefore, good Kenzan takes stability into special consideration and requires weight.

4.3 Clean, tidy and environmentally friendly

If the base is made of mud, grass, plastic foam, etc. it will be dirty and messy. Using Kenzan can reduce the consumption of other materials.

4.4 Show beautiful in class

As Kenzan can be set in any place, the change of flower arrangement will become more arbitrary, in the whole flower arrangement is more beautiful at the same time, and on the whole than mud, grass, plastic and other bases to show a higher grade.

4.5 High reusability

Good Kenzan never rusts, service life can last forever, so cost-effective.

5. The role of Kenzan in flower arrangement
Through dense studs, the flower branch can be inserted into the upright position quickly, and the high density base forms a low center of gravity for the whole flower arrangement, maintaining the desired overall stability.

6. How to choose Kenzan?
6.1 Size

The size of Kenzan should be determined according to the size of the bottle and the number of flowers.

6.2 Density

The density of the sparse according to interpolation requirements.Most of the wooden branches are arranged in relatively sparse Kenzan to make it easier to insert them.Herbaceous flower material needs close arrangement of sword hill, so more stable flower material.

6.3 Quality

It is better to take the jianshan with solid, dense and relatively heavy needle points. The length of the needle points determines the stability of the flower material. The longer the needle, the better the stability.

6.4 Material

The tip of the copper needle is not easy to rust, but relatively soft and easy to bend. The Kenzan tip of the stainless steel needle is sharp and sharp, easy to insert, but it will rust if used for too long.

7. How to reduce flower arrangement to Kenzan wear and tear?
7.1 Treat the flower branch

Before arranging a flower, can undertake branch end cut processing, cut an inclined mouth or cross cut namely, can enlarge insert area so, dispersive insert make strength, make the harm that sword hill gets reduces.

7.2 Kenzan maintenance

No matter how to arrange flowers, it will cause loss to Kenzan, causing uneven arrangement of Kenzan and deformation of needle tips, so special attention should be paid to the later maintenance.

8. How to use Kenzan in flower arrangements?
Before arranging the flowers, put Kenzan in the flower pot, add water to the needle below Kenzan, then insert the flower branch on Kenzan mountain, the flower branch can absorb water.Less water and add water to the flower pot, such a flower than inserted in the mud can be very good water absorption, flower branch preservation time is longer.

9. How to store the Kenzan?
Cleaning and correction work is the focus of Kenzan maintenance. To sum up, there are the following points:

9.1 Kenzan cleaning and maintenance have special test paper and bamboo sticks and other tools.

9.2 After display work finished, Kenzan must be taken out of the water. Long-term immersion will lead to oxidation of Kenzan.

9.3 Cleaning is not a simple washing, but the removal of flower residues to avoid flower decay on Kenzan.

9.4 If there is any bending phenomenon of the tip, it can be rectified by the Kenzan corrector.

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