Round Ikebana Kenzan Flower Pin Frog

This type of kenzan is used in Japanese flower arrangements, known as ikebana. The Japanese art of flower arrangement is also known as the way of flowers. Kenzan is a support with steel spikes used in flower arrangements to help secure flowers, branches, and stems. It is carefully constructed and has an amazing weight, so it will not tip over. Kenzan is a sustainable, reusable, and undoubtedly more elegant alternative to toxic floral foam and is the foundation of any arrangement.
  • Material:  Steel Pins, Copper Pins
  • Color: Black, Copper, Green, Silver
  • Diameter Range: 26-102mm
Kenzan Model Weight (appr. g ) Diameter (mm)
KZ-W26 80 26
KZ-W35 120 35
KZ-W46 250 46
KZ-W60 440 60
KZ-W74 650 74
KZ-W80 855 80

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