Wholesale Flower Frogs The Essential Tool for Effortless Flower Arranging

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In this article, we will explore the world of wholesale flower frogs and their significance in the art of flower arranging. We will delve into the history of flower frogs, their various names, and their importance in the floral design industry. Additionally, we will highlight the superior quality and affordability of Floral Genius flower frogs, manufactured by a Chinese factory.

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SmileTools is renowned as a leading producer of high-quality flower frogs, essential for both flower arranging enthusiasts and professionals. These tools, with a history dating back to 14th century Japan, are vital for creating beautiful flower arrangements by securely holding stems in place.

Our Factory and Product Range

Superior Quality and Affordability

Located in China, our factory is dedicated to producing a diverse range of kenzans. Known for exceptional quality and competitive pricing, we are the favored choice among hobbyists and professionals in the flower arranging community.

Diverse Specifications

We offer a variety of flower frogs in different sizes and styles, meeting the needs for both small, delicate centerpieces and large, extravagant displays.

Wholesale Pricing and Bulk Availability

Recognizing the importance of having a sufficient supply of flower frogs, we provide wholesale pricing across all sizes. This ensures that our customers can purchase in bulk, meeting all their design requirements.

Product Features

Sturdy Metal Construction

Our flower frogs are made from robust metal, ensuring durability and longevity. Despite their small size, their weight adds stability to arrangements.

Choice of Materials

Customers have the option to choose between brass or stainless steel pins, depending on their material preference.

Rubber Ring Base

Each flower frog comes with a rubber ring base for a non-slip grip on any surface, enhancing the stability of floral designs.

Benefits of Using Flower Frogs

Precision and Stability

Flower frogs enable precise placement of flowers, maintaining the integrity of your arrangements. The metal pins securely hold each stem, essential for delicate or heavy flowers.

Versatility for Various Arrangements

With a range of sizes available, select the perfect flower frog for any project, from modest to grandiose arrangements.

Easy Access and Customer Convenience

Online Availability

Our extensive range of flower frogs is available on our website, ikebanakenzan.com. Detailed product descriptions and images help customers make informed choices.


SmileTools is your go-to source for top-quality flower frogs at wholesale prices. Our China-based factory offers a wide selection of kenzans, known for their durability and precision in floral arrangement. Ideal for both enthusiasts and professionals, our flower frogs are indispensable for the art of flower arranging. Visit ikebanakenzan.com to find the perfect flower frog for your needs.
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