Plastic Ikebana Kenzan Flower Frog

plastic kenzan 01

There are three small suction cups are distributed in a triangular shape, which has a stronger adsorption force and make it stronger to prevents floral frogs from tipping or sliding.
Using high-quality lightweight plastic; the high transparency makes it beautiful and generous when used, and it’s not easy to be found and will not affect the beauty of the art work.

Arc Shaped Ikebana Kenzan

arc shaped ikebana kenzan 08

Apricot leaf shaped flower kenzan holder flower arrangement needle pin arranging tool accessories for plant decoration

Rectangle Ikebana Kenzan Flower Pin Frog

rectangle ikebana kenzan 02

The rectangular shape of the kenzan allows for more precise and structured arrangements, often used in modern and minimalist styles of ikebana. The rectangle kenzan is commonly used by professional florists, as well as hobbyists and enthusiasts practicing ikebana at home.

Round Ikebana Kenzan Flower Pin Frog

ikebana kenzan round 01

This type of kenzan is used in Japanese flower arrangements, known as ikebana. The Japanese art of flower arrangement is also known as the way of flowers. Kenzan is a support with steel spikes used in flower arrangements to help secure flowers, branches, and stems. It is carefully constructed and has an amazing weight, so it will not tip over. Kenzan is a sustainable, reusable, and undoubtedly more elegant alternative to toxic floral foam and is the foundation of any arrangement.